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27. October 2020 | Naše aktivity |
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What are the needs of youth in social entrepreneurship? What knowledge and skills do young people miss when considering social entrepreneurship as a potential career path? Help us find the answers! We are asking the young people in Central Europe.

Now more than ever we are being called to tackle urgent social and environmental issues. At the same time, our governments and economies are facing significant disruption, but this isn’t really a series of problems, this as an opportunity for transformative system change. We believe that the only way forward is by joining forces to build a future where business and profit work in support of people and the planet. Our answer is – social entrepreneurship! 

Social entrepreneurship is an approach by individuals, groups, start-up companies or entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. The potential of social entrepreneurship in Central Europe is not fully used due to lacking skills and an underdeveloped ecosystem with fragmented and unstable support structures in our region. There are some initiatives that are working partially on the topic. At the same time, there is quite some variation across Central Europe, but there are also a lot of similarities that are influenced to a high extent by the historical closeness, education system and support system in the three respective countries we are making the partnership with. Through the network and trainings organized, we have had the chance to learn about each other’s business environments, and better understand the needs of our target groups and we would like to make a bigger impact and create more of a „support nets“ within the ecosystems . Read more about our project on social entrepreneurship here. 

There is however no completed data for the needs of young people who could potentially develop their own business, moreover, good examples of existing ventures that can be used as the motivation for the other youth willing to start something meaningful in their communities, possibly even making a career in the field should be shared more. 

That’s why we would like to ask you to take part in our survey of needsof youth in social entrepreneurship! Thank you very much for taking part in our research. The questionnaire will not take you more than 5 minutes of your time.


This questionnaire as part of the Strategic Partnership Erasmus+ project: Social Innovators Network, led by the Mladiinfo Slovensko from Slovakia in partnership with two Impact Hubs from Czech Republic and Impact Hub Budapest serves as a mapping tool of social entrepreneurship among youth in 3 partner countries (Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia). The project aims to help the current developments of social entrepreneurship in the Visegrad region. Find out more about the SIN project here.

1,241 videní