EuroAsia: Volunteering Assistance Program vol.2

24. February 2021 | Experience Valuable Sharing |
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About the project

During the first edition of EuroAsia project, the consortium enabled knowledge sharing among European and Asian partners as well as mapped hosting organisations in Asia where several volunteers from Europe were hosted and acquired transcontinental experience.

The second edition of EuroAsia project focuses on the training of the organisations and building up on the knowledge and experience already achieved in order to create stronger Euro-Asian ecosystem and the support mechanism for volunteers and organisations.

Project logo

For the purpose of unified dissemination and communication, project partners prepared during the preparatory phase a unique logo to support the project ideas. The logo symbolises our three core values: inclusion, growth and international collaboration.

The green figure stands for the successfully completed EuroAsia Volunteering Assistance Program (1st edition) and the blue figure represents current project. The third, pink figure, symbolises bright future or how we say it in Slovak “pink future” of the project meanwhile “Volunteering Assistance Pogram” indicates a network of reliable, innovative and flexible volunteering coordinators.

Kick-off meeting

After a short project suspension due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are happy to announce the project beginning. We strongly believe that even in pandemic situation we will be able to deliver expected positive impact for consortium partners as well as for third parties regularly working with volunteers.

From Wednesday 17th to Friday 19th, the project kick-off meeting took place online. The project consortium tackled Covid-19 organisational challenges and elaborated „Plan B“ for the planned project activities and adjusted the project timeline.

The discussion focused on how to shift properly the 2021 activities in online environment while keeping necessary level of interaction among involved parties and overcoming the time differences between European and Asian countries.

Seemingly inconvenient situation led to the possibility to reach out to wider audience thanks to the online tools and lower prerequisites for future participants in terms of time and travel requirements. Even though an online event does not fully replace the physical one, the project consortium will do the best to make it as instructive and interactive as possible for all involved parties.

Volunteering mobilities were influenced by the crisis as well. The project partners took several precautions in this matter aiming at timely information from hosting countries regarding local Covid-19 measures and requirements to be fulfilled upon entry.

Original plan

Originally the kick-off meeting was supposed to be in Philippines to visit new hosting organisations and get to know new project partner. Unfortunately, we had to manage everything online, but we tried to keep the Philippines mood in online environment, too. Using virtual background and bringing typically summer items, we recreated our “Philippines travel”.

Lead Partner

Project Partners

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