Eco Booster for North Macedonia

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Do you want to BOOST your knowledge on the topics of Responsible, Eco and Sustainable Tourism? BOOST your communication skills? BOOST your intercultural competences? BOOST your opportunities by networking and action taking? Then we have the right project for YOU!

Who: 20 participants from 4 different countries (North Macedonia, Slovakia, Estonia & Portugal), 18-30 years old
Where: Probishtip, North Macedonia
When: 12-31 July 2019 (+2 travel days)
Costs covered: travel, food, accommodation, insurance & pocket money
Application: fill out the Google form, until 20 June 2019

About the project

The aim is to grow the environmental awareness and to present the ecotourism and its benefits to the participants and the local community, informing them about its core values and importance for the touristic places to keep their natural beauty.


  • Help with different activities like cleanup actions and help with painting fences, partial restauration of hiking trails, making promotional materials for the place (video, photo, articles) etc.
  • Exchanging practices from your home countries through peer to peer learning, presenting them to the locals.
  • Exploring entrepreneurial possibilities in the field of Eco-Tourism.
  • Presenting your cultures through International evenings.
  • Enjoying different free activities in Probishtip and the surroundings (Aqua Park, hiking, visiting nearby cities).
  • Having the chance to experience the Macedonian culture through different activities with the local community and have lots of fun!!


  • Connection or knowledge with the topics of ecology, tourism, ecotourism, rural development.
  • Experience with writing articles, making photos / videos.
  • Responsible & open minded.
  • Having some artisan skills or can do some crafts (ex. Yoga, knitting, homemade toiletries, etc) (desirable)


  • Travel: covered up to 275 EUR
  • Food & Pocket Money: 110 EUR (breakfast included in the accommodation)
  • Accommodation: in double or triple rooms
  • Insurance: Cigna:
  • All costs are covered and there is no participation fee!

The project is supported by European Solidarity Corps programme.


Fill out the Google form, until 20 June 2019!

4,402 videní