Lud Toussaint


Award Foreign volunteer of the year 2014 in Slovakia by CARDO

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Green Your Life

The very firs youth exchange organized by Mladiinfo in Slovakia in Sekier, Záježová and Bratislava, 5. – 14.9.2014 with 30 participants from 4 countries, Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia and Slovakia.


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Learn and Travel

Lud is one of the co-founders of the volunteering program at Mladiinfo Slovensko.

Graphic design 

call georgia by Lud call Russia by Lud Learn and Travel by Lud suit_up

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EVS in Slovakia web site ideas.


French evening at Mladiinfo office.

Lud about mladiinfo

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EVS in High Tatra.
in the office

In the office with Ana Alibegova from Macedonia, the very first EVS volunteers at Mladiinfo Slovensko.

Funded by the European Union.