David Vuevski

My biggest motto in life is respect and care about others and you will find the true values in life which will help you to shape as wonderful person!


My name is David from Macedonia, I decided to join EVS team because I believe that this is one experience which can help me develop in anyway possible. Slovakia is an amazing country and I am confident that I made the right choice to do EVS here. Being here is helping me utilize my full potential and develop me greatly.11707492_920158514673555_524351831649981083_nAll these recent years I have attended studies and conferences abroad which were a thrilling experience where I found myself very much. Deciding my future wasn’t very hard for me because I decided what I want to do in my life. Always doing what makes you fulfilled is the right choice in life!



Visiting the homeless day center DOMEC, Bratislava

Visit which made us realize that we should appreciate life much more and be satisfied with what we have. Together with “Raise Your Voice” group of participants we went to see the homeless day center which part of the Vagus organization for homeless people care. They have open the center since 2014 and it has the capacity to help 80 people per day.


“Raise Your Voice” youth exchange intercultural night

Getting the people from different cultures and unite them like one is one of the best achievements  you can gain. This is one of the best moments in the youth exchange which stays always in my memory.


On-arrival training with volunteers from all over Slovakia in Terchova village

All the new volunteers gathered in one of the most beautiful places in Slovakia sharing their knowledge and cultures.

13244061_10154868280614942_3733187163510039964_oIntegra center together with Mladiinfo and INEX Slovakia made a trip to Botanicka Zahrada, Bratislava


Painting the new office rooms of Mladez Ulice Hattalova, Bratislava 

After almost a month struggle the final result came the goal was achieved. The new work office for Mladez Ulice was done. The mladiinfo EVS volunteers together with joined forces finished the work! Job well done!