Macedonian WANTED: Become a volunteer in Slovakia!

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Spend 12 months as a volunteer in the capital of Slovakia helping in youth organization Mladiinfo Slovensko!

Who: 18-30 years old from Macedonia
Where: Bratislava, Slovakia
When: starting since 15 May 2019  (12 months)
Costs covered by Erasmus+: accommodation, food, pocket money, insurance, travel
Send filled application form as soon as possible!


About the project

Mladiinfo Slovensko (website, Facebook) is looking for an enthusiastic volunteer from Macedonia to participate in the project: Future is in your hands. Start off with volunteering!  for a period of 12 months starting from May 2 019.

The project is supported by Erasmus+ programme European Voluntary Service.


Activities of the volunteers may include (upon the preferences and agreement):

  • Organising and participating in different events by Mladiinfo Slovensko, such as “Living Books about volunteering”Intercultural evenings with the cooperation of other NGOs;
  • Be open to go to schools and talk to students about EVS, youth exchanges, youth opportunities, etc.;
  • To prepare simple interactive activities as Mladiinfo Slovensko with aim to connect formal and non-formal education;
  • Willing to teach some language and/or to organise some workshops on your own in the motto “sharing is caring”;
  • Helping the project SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD about social entrepreneurship;
  • Contributing to the content of platforms (Instagram, Facebook);
  • Participating and helping with the current and upcoming projects (e.g. youth exchanges, trainings, etc.);

The volunteer will work approximately 30 volunteering hours per week (the working hours are flexible depending on the ongoing activities) and will have free weekends and two additional free days per month.


Following costs will be covered from Erasmus+ programme:

  • Accommodation,
  • Food,
  • Pocket money,
  • Insurance,
  • Travel,
  • Language course,
  • Support of supervisor,
  • Personal mentor.

Candidates profile

  • Individuals aged 18-30 coming from Macedonia;
  • Enthusiastic and positive, who dare to try the things out;
  • Able to come up with own ideas and developing own projects which support our values: “helping, improvement, pro-activity, responsibility, optimism”;
  • Willing to learn new skills and develop nice projects;
  • Have knowledge of English;
  • Have basic graphic design skills (not a condition), or photography and video making, or knowledge in online marketing or IT skills (webpages, etc.) and editing skills (not a condition);
  • Openness and good communication skills.


As part of your EVS, you will get:

  • Accommodation in a shared flat with other volunteers; pocket money; European insurance; covered residence permit cost and travel from home-Bratislava-home; Slovak language classes;
  • You can learn more about the topics such as volunteering, youth work, social entrepreneurship, etc.
  • We are also a coordinating organisation, therefore you can spend some time helping out other NGOs with volunteers there and learn new skills as well.


If you want to apply, please fill in the application form.

If you have any other related questions please contact the hosting organisation at or contact the sending organization Mladiinfo International.


 –Good luck with your application!

2,975 videní