Meet our new volunteers Tyra and Hristina

25. October 2020 | Experience Valuable Sharing |
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We are so excited to welcome even more volunteers! Who are these two beautiful ladies and why they decided to come to Slovakia? Read our article to find out!

Hello, my name is Tyra, I am 18 years old and I live in a small village in the Netherlands near the Rhine right at the German border. I am both Dutch and German and I graduated from school in Germany this summer. After finishing my 2-months volunteer project, I want to study “Liberal Arts and Sciences” in Utrecht.

In my free-time I enjoy meeting up with friends, reading and cooking. I also dance ballet and jazz at a small studio and I play the piano. But up until now, I have mostly been occupied with working in a café and volunteering at an animal sanctuary. 

I found Mladiinfo on the website of the ESC and immediately fell in love. I really wanted to explore work with children from different social backgrounds, to see whether I would consider doing similar work later on in life. But not only the project itself, especially the option to work and live in Bratislava. I have never been to Slovakia before, let alone another Eastern European country. Slovakia offers many beautiful landscapes and traditions and I would love to explore what Eastern European culture is like.

I’m funny, imaginative, curious and life driven.
I decided to volunteer because I want to be part of something bigger and meaningful.
I would like to explore Slovakia , learn Slovakian and meet new people.

1,105 videní